Fairweather Lodge, Gustavus, AK Fairweather Range
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Everyday is a great day in Alaska!
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Beutiful scenic vistas,
await you at
Fairweather Lodge.

A nice salmon

The season at Fairweather Lodge generally runs from May through September. Fairweather Lodge is closed during the winter months from October through April. Contact the Lodge for details and to make your reservations.

To contact Fairweather Lodge call toll-free 888-339-2340 and leave a message. The proprietor himself will return your call.

For local Alaska, seasonal (May through September) contact:
(907) 697-2129
P O Box 2
Gustavus, AK 99826

For off season (winter) contact use the toll- free number or fax at (901) 854-7864.




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