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Everyday is a great day in Alaska!
Let's Go Fishing
Leonard & some big halibut
Two nice size halibut Austin & his red snapper
Proud young angler displays his prize, a tasty Red Snapper.

The fishing in the cold waters of Glacier Bay is nothing short of spectacular. The game fish include halibut, several species of salmon, red snapper, cod and numerous others. All of our captains are experienced local professionals with U.S. Coast Guard licenses. All fishing equipment is furnished aboard 24 to 32 foot cabin boats for your comfort and safety. Don't worry if you are a novice, our captains will teach you everything you need to know to catch and land your fish, even bait the hook for you. Glacier Bay is sheltered and protected by islands and land to calm the ocean waters for smooth boating. We are never out of sight of land. We fish close to the shore line while being entertained by whales, eagles, bears, sea lions, sea otters, deer, moose and other wildlife. IT'S SO AWESOME. The clear, cold waters of the Icy Straits gives us bright, fresh fish for outstanding eating. Your catch will be cleaned, processed, vacuum packed and quick frozen for your return trip home. You can expect to catch anything that lives in the Pacific Ocean - take a look at what you might catch:

  • Halibut
    Its not unusual to hook a 300 pound halibut and fight the fight to land the catch of a lifetime. Some folks keep these huge breeding age females while others decide the pictures and struggle complete the memory releasing these giants to insure that fishing remains outstanding for years to come. We strongly encourage the release of the Big Mama's. Male halibut are generally smaller in size, usually less than 100 lbs. but hang on for the time of your life when you hook one of these big fish, it's like reeling in a barn door.
  • King Salmon
    Best time for catching these is from mid-May through the end of June.
  • Sockeye Salmon
    Stream fishing in the month of July. Hard to catch because they seldom strike bait.
  • Silver Salmon
    The jumping, dancing performance of this salmon is so exciting. The big schools start the first of August and last through September.
  • Pink Salmon
    These smaller feisty salmon start the first of July and run through August. These fish are great smoked.
  • Sea Bass & Red Snapper
    Often overlooked because of the good salmon and halibut, these guys are lots of fun on light tackle.
  • Dolly Varden & Trout
    Enjoyed all summer on light tackle in the rivers & streams.

Your catch can be shipped FedEx at your expense.


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